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Posted on: 06/19/18
The spectator with sparse Supreme Air Max 270eyebrows is not suitable for the above procedure. The reason is a bit cruel. The eyebrows of these brothers may not have shapes orAir Max 98 Supreme even four basic points of eyebrows. The question to be considered at this time is how to make the best use of existing eyebrows and modify the face with minimal changes. To put it plainly, it is how to make eyebrows and fill in the missing parts. Unlike eyebrow shaping, thrush has a higher technical content. I know that straight male brothers have congenital hand cancers for this kind of detail.
Just looking for an eyebrow trimmer can't let him paint casually. You should understand your own eyebrows and clearly tell the eyebrower what effect you want to draw. Asian men have sparse eyebrows. The general problems are the following two:
The overall eyebrows are sparse and scattered
This problem is most easily solved.
Although the eyebrows are sparse, there is still a basic outline and shape. Let the eyebrows artist draw the color deeper according to the basic outline of your eyebrows. Sparse eyebrows are also suitable for some of the more advanced games: You can ask him not to draw eyebrows evenly, draw a sense of depth, but also make you handsome more wild: eyebrows concentrated in the brow, but Mei Feng, Mei Mei almost hairless If your eyebrows are focused only on your brow, don't panic. Your chances of becoming handsome are actually greater. When you are grooming your eyebrows, you have more room to create than others.
Like the little brother below, if you look closely you will find that his eyebrows are focused on the brow, and the rest of the eyebrows are few. Then he drew his own eyebrows, eyebrows, and a pair of swords and brows.There is also a more cool way to play: Give up the eyebrows, and spend all your time on your brows.
This eyebrow shaping method is more common in Korea. The specific method is to draw the rough eyebrows between the eyebrows and the brows, and then mark the eyebrows gently to make a fading effect from the eyebrows to the eyebrows.
When the eyebrows are incomplete, this trick often has miraculous effects and the operation is simple. The eyebrow trimmer can basically do well.


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