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Man's disfigurement effect

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Posted on: 06/19/18
The following is sent to the pruning step. The focus of the trimming is on the brow and eyebrow: 1. Find the brow. Straight men and brothers are best to buy electric eyebrows knife, save trouble. Prepare an eyebrow tweezers, a ruler (or other straight, small object) up to a maximum of 100 pieces. If you use a manual eyebrow knife, you can get 10 dollars. From the outside edge of the nostrils, look straight up and find two brows. Use an eyebrow knife to cut the broken eyebrows between the two brows. 2, bow as far as possible. The eyebrows are mainly miscellaneous, and can be pulled out directly with tweezers. They must be pulled along the direction of the eyebrows and will not be injured. 3, the peak of most Asian men is not obvious, do not need deliberately trim. If you are one of the few men with prominent eyebrow peaks, find the peak of the eyebrows and use the eyebrow trimmer to smooth out the edges. Advanced: edged swords and eyebrows The eyebrow eyebrows can not be repaired by all, and it is more suitable for men with wide heads, wide faces, and thick eyebrows.
This eyebrow shape can be seen more obvious shape, narrow brow, prominent eyebrow peak. It looks like the men are more imposing and it is not easy to bully at first sight. Trimming steps are as follows: 1, first cut short, then repair the sword
The more important is the overall effect of the eyebrows, not too long hair. The first step is to shorten the eyebrows and trim the silhouette of the sword. 2, trim Mei Feng
After shortening, the outline of the eyebrow peak is drawn out, and the excess eyebrows outside the contour are pulled out with tweezers.
3, trimming eyebrow
The bow of the eyebrow must be small. If the arc is too large, the eyebrows will droop and the smile will become the father-in-law in the costume drama.
Of course, you can choose the width of your eyebrows based on the contours of your eyebrows.
Known as the light of Asian origin, Eugene Tong is the most dressed and dressed. The original eyebrows and eyebrows are very thick, so the eyebrows are also very wide. It is important to note that if your face is very thin, such as a face, try not to use your eyebrows. Otherwise it will look too eye-catching, a little artificial.


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