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On the Disfiguring Effect of Eyebrows on Men

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Posted on: 06/19/18
‘Anything who wants to change his handsomeness,Air Max 90 Homme and his face is not handsome, he has laziness. ‘This is the trouble faced by most straight menAir VaporMax Plus Pas Cher. (Source: Du Shaofei) It was wonderful to never change handsome, but it was also troublesome. Therefore, most straight men simply broke the can and shattered: "Pick up and get it together." They never thought that a disfiguring blow to their own face may be a minor problem with the eyebrows. This is the case. The reason why many Asian men are not handsome is because the eyebrows go out of style, resulting in visually incompatible facial features and unclear outlines. Curing eyebrows, no doubt, will become a way to make you the easiest to become handsome - to visually change the distribution of your features, and modify the contours. Before formal eyebrow shaping, we must first understand the composition of the eyebrows, including the brow, eyebrow peak, eyebrow tail, eyebrow bow in four parts. Really handsome eyebrows, these four parts must meet certain requirements: A, brow: the innermost eyebrows. The standard of handsome is that the brow and the outer edge of the nostrils are on the same vertical line. B, Mei Feng: The highest point of the eyebrows. The peaks of Asian people are often not obvious. Properly highlighting the peaks can easily increase your momentum. C. Mei Mei: The outermost part of the eyebrows. The standard of Shuai’s is ‘‘the eyebrow -- the corner of the eye -- the outer edge of the nostrils’’. D, eyebrows: the lower edge of the eyebrows. This point is more suitable for European and American people with more obvious facial contours. Asians do not have prominent facial features and do not need to pay too much attention to the arch of the eyebrows. To understand the standard of handsome eyebrows, it is the turn to repair. In order to prevent viewers from seeing the halo, the eyebrows method described below has only one criterion: eyebrow density.
According to different density conditions, the eyebrow shaping method is different. In order to increase the practicality, the models I selected this time are all Asians. Thick eyebrows are a good thing, which means that there is a lot of space. You only need to think about how to trim. According to the above mentioned four points, the following detailed decomposition of how to practice eyebrow shaping: basic models: the most simple word eyebrows
This is the most eye-catching eyebrow, suitable for all - eyebrows were a word, there is no clear eyebrows, a little pick at the end of the eyebrow, and then leave a tip: the long face, melon face, can guide people horizontal Observing your face will not just notice that the face is long/sharp. For a generous face, it can enrich facial lines and increase some arcs. For large round faces, the eyebrows can add a bit of sharpness and avoid the round face as if the whole person is not dignified. Although ordinary, it is extremely practical and suitable for all straight men who do not pay attention to eyebrows. Skillfully trim this eyebrow, you are at least 3 times more handsome than the original.


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